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A mostly self-taught abstract artist, Jayne Libby Sims worked intensely with renowned abstract expressionist Frank Arnold (Fresno, CA and Los Cabos, Mx.) during 2010 and 2011, gaining new insights into the world of abstract expressionism. The result of this, starting with “Frank Bird”(Sold, July 2011) and also her unconventional faces, lead her followers down a new and exciting path.


 2013 was a great year for sales – Thank you Arta Gallery!  This year (2014) marks Thirteen years of painting. For years I struggled with what to say about my work….always looking for that deep something that would define me as an artist.  Most recently I determined that I just paint, and am reminded of the words of Frida Kahlo….”I paint my own reality. The only thing I know is that I paint because I need to, and I paint whatever passes through my head without any other consideration”……So I shall just say that  life as an artist is a true eclectic mix of work. Exciting, wide ranging and  always painted with passion to a background of tempestuous classical music.   I owe so much to my teacher, mentor, friend and muse,  Frank Arnold (www.frankarnoldart.com).  Thank you Frank.

My work has been shown at various locations around Toronto, including  Arts on King (2002-2005) John Steinberg and Associates (2005)  the Square Foot Art Show, Riverdale Art Walk, Hangman Gallery (including a solo show in 2006 “Where the desert meets El Mar”) and the Queen West Art Crawl.  I have been commissioned in Mexico and Toronto,with many avid collectors. At the Frank Arnold Gallery in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico, my work was featured for Art Walk night in 2010, also featured in the window of  Alexander Designs in Toronto and in the Style at Home magazine (March 2013, page 88).

I am represented in Toronto by Arta Gallery in the historical Distillery District and was their featured artist of the month at the beginning of 2013.  (www.artagallery.ca ).  This year I have also been added to the roster of artists at the O Gallery in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico (www.ogallerycabo.com).

Each year I try to donate work to worthy causes and people. This year has been no exception.  I am the mother of two wonderful children, both artists in their own right.

“Your work is starting to get a look that is yours”……Frank Arnold

“I didn’t think I could love your work any more than I already do, but those two pictures of your earlier work are treasures”…….a collector 





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